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This page contains articles, study guides, Bible study notes and research papers and on a wide variety of theological topics. Click on the links below to view these files or web sites for more information.

Study Material

Pocket Holy Day Calendar

The link below lets you print your own wallet sized Holy Day calendar for 2020-2024. Handy for making appointments since most offices don't list the biblical holy days on their calendar. Use Avery wallet card stock 5871.

Bible Study Notes

Research Papers

Study Guides

The following study guides can be used for Home School or Sabbath School classes. Each syllabus lists the textbook to be used, reading assignments, and a set of homework questions to answer. Teachers can request the answers for the homework questions if needed.

Biblical Languages

Here are a few suggestions if you are interested in biblical languages...

The best overall package for college level, self-study is "Basics of Biblical Hebrew" and "Basics of Biblical Greek" from Zondervan, which includes DVDs, text, workbook and flashcards. 

Dr. Ted Hildebrandt created, which offers two free biblical language programs: (1) Hebrew Tutor is a popular Windows 95 virtual machine program, and (2) Mastering New Testament Greek is an html based program that works well if you right click on the html links and open them in a new tab (make sure that Flash is enabled).

Dr. Bill Barrick ( also offers a free, online Hebrew course based on his YouTube lectures from The Master's Seminary. YouTube also has Master's Seminary class videos for NT Greek.

We also offer a free online video series on our YouTube channel called Introduction to Hebrew, which provides students with a basic overview of Hebrew vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar for better Bible study or worship. Click on the link provided above to check it out.

Recommended Resources

Interested in learning more about the Bible? The following two lists include recommended or suggested resources covering a wide variety biblical and theological topics. Click on the link below for a printer friendly version in PDF format.

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