MP3 Seminars

  • Theology Overview34:57
  • Living by the Book1:00:00
  • New Testament Evangelism22:16
  • The Tabernacle29:47

MP3 Sermons

Click on one of the links below to watch a video on our YouTube channel or listen to an MP3 audio recording. Be sure to check out the Handouts section below to download the notes for these sermons and seminars.

  • The Sacred Name42:00
  • What is Heresy?28:44
  • Who Is Melkart?32:30
  • The Fall of Babylon37:08
  • Understanding God38:36
  • The Mountain of the Lord30:30
  • The Lesson of the Vineyard42:42
  • Paul, Portrait of a Minister32:22
  • Difficult Questions31:09
  • Behold, I Come Quickly42:25
  • Abraham, Father of the Faithful28:57



This section contains handouts (summaries) for some of the sermons and seminars offered by Didactic Ministries. Click on the links below to open the file you want or right-click on the link to save the handout file directly to your computer.

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